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Generally, people believe that only wealthy individuals have an estate or need an estate plan. However, virtually every individual and family that owns property has an estate and can benefit from having an estate plan. It is also important to know that estate planning puts you in charge of important financial, medical, and personal affairs. When you choose Politakis Law, you’ll find that Attorney Angelo P. Politakis adapts his approach to the specific needs of each and every client. The goal at Politakis Law is to ensure that each client’s experience is as seamless as possible. Get your estate plan in Schererville today by contacting Politakis Law.


Despite the name “Elder Law Attorney,” many of the services Elder Law Attorneys in Schererville provide may be needed by younger individuals who face a crisis. Disabled individuals, both minors and adults, and their families often need many of the services that an Elder Law Attorney provides. A person who is suddenly faced with a serious life change due to an accident, sudden illness, or change in family circumstances may find the services of an Elder Law attorney appropriate.

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As difficult as it is, death is the inevitable and final moment of life. That is why we believe careful and compassionate planning during your lifetime can allow you to pass on the legacy you have built during your lifetime of hard work. In addition, through the plans you implement during your lifetime, you can minimize the cost associated with any property & assist your loved ones with their own life journey. For estate planning and trust administration in Schererville, contact us today.

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Legal issues can trip up even the most successful of businesses. The right planning & proactive actions can help companies avoid pitfalls & get on the path to succeeding locally & staying competitive. Politakis Law Office is here to provide the knowledge, guidance, & effective solutions you and your company need. Also critical to your business is making sure you have proper succession planning & exit strategies in place. Planning for disability or death is always important when it comes to one of your most valuable assets; your business.

At Politakis Law, we provide our clients with comprehensive estate planning support that’s personalized to suit their specific needs. We know that preparing for the future can be difficult and overwhelming, but when you turn to us, you can rest assured that we will offer professional, knowledgeable guidance to help you reach your goals. Ready to get started? Schedule your virtual or in-person consultation with Politakis Law today for estate planning & elder law assistance in Schererville.

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