Living Will

What is a Living Will?

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Living Will

A Living Will is a legal document that tells others what your personal choices are about end-of-life medical treatment. It also lays out the procedures or medications you want — or don’t want — to prolong your life if you can’t talk with the doctors yourself. This could be because you’re under anesthesia for a scheduled surgery and had a complication or are unconscious from an accident or other event.

A Living Will is different than a Medical Power of Attorney. A Medical Power of Attorney designates another person to make medical decisions should you be unable to do so. Unlike a Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney applies to both end-of-life treatment as well as other areas of medical care. However, like a Living Will, the Medical Power of Attorney only has power to act on your behalf when you are unable to do so yourself, whether from loss of consciousness or mental ability.

Living Will vs. Last Will & Testament

Living Will

A Living Will is there to inform individuals of your wishes when you’re still alive, but in an unconscious or terminal state, unable to voice your medical care wishes.

Last Will & Testament

Your Last Will explains exactly how you want your property and other assets to be distributed after you pass away and include family responsibilities.

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